Drew Peterson: Untouchable

"I'm untouchable, bitch."

Those words, uttered by Rob Lowe as Drew Peterson in Saturday night's Drew Peterson: Untouchable on Lifetime (as well as in constant promotions leading up to the movie), are already immortal. At least, they're more immortal than the line, "You were getting too much love from Big Daddy."

That's what Lowe says in the opening scene of the movie, after his son catches him and his third wife, Kathleen, having sex. He gets out of bed naked, and before we can be disappointed that we can't see Rob Lowe's butt, we realize that his supposedly erect penis is right at eye-level with his wide-eyed little son. Kathleen tells the poor kid to cover his eyes, but Rob-as-Drew proclaims, "He has a right to know why they call me Big Daddy!" and the tone is set for us to be grossed out for the rest of the "film."

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