Drew Peterson: Untouchable Pre-Viewing Guide!

My favorite publicity still. Look at that beer gut!
If you've watching Lifetime at all in the past month, you know that tonight at 8pm (EST) is the premiere of Drew Peterson: Untouchable, the most anticipated Lifetime movie since...maybe ever. I'm going to be delivering snarky comments about the movie while it's happening over on my Twitter page. If you're not on Twitter, you can still access my page and see what I'm saying during the movie! My review will appear on Monday on the Huffington Post's comedy section, I'll make sure to link to it here when it's up.

In the meantime, enjoy these must-have links for the big event!

• The preview, in case you haven't seen the new one without the already-immortal line, "I'm untouchable, bitch!"

The creepiest clips of the real Drew Peterson on YouTube. I spent much of yesterday watching creepy clips of Drew Peterson so I could make a playlist for you. Yeah....that's why I did it....

• If you're in Chicago, join Chicagoist for a Drew Peterson: Untouchable viewing party.

• Whether you're there or at home, enjoy this Drew Peterson: Untouchable drinking game.

• Interview with Rob Lowe about the movie on Good Morning America. Proving that Drew Peterson is more interesting than Rob Lowe.

• How about a Drew Peterson coloring page?

• Redeye Chicago has an interesting review of the movie, including some of its best quotes. ("Job is the word, now put blow in front of it.")

• Lifetime always bases its "ripped from the headlines" movies on books, so it's harder to sue them. This movie was based on the book Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson by Joseph Hosey. Why didn't Lifetime call the movie "Fatal Vows"? Well, because of the John Stamos movie of the same title, of course.

Official movie site on MyLifetime.com. If you're really bored, go ahead and page through their other extras, like an excerpt from the book and a photo gallery.

• Wish you could hear "I'm untouchable, bitch!" over and over? ImUntouchableBitch.com is the site for you.

• See you tonight at 8! Drew Peterson will be laughing as hard as we are...if he gets a chance to watch.

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