The Obsession

It's long been a Lifetime movie tradition to have a seemingly normal person who is actually a psycho who is romantically obsessed with an acquaintance. This one, cleverly named "The Obsession," could have also been called "The Perfect Ballet Teacher." It stars the "handsome," strangely eyebrowed Sebastian Spence, who you see here you before you. I didn't know anything about Sebastian other than that he appears to have gotten a lot of botox, but when I saw that he had appeared on the supposedly awesome "Battlestar Galatica" I hesitated to make fun of him. I've never seen the show, but it's one of those things you're supposed to get on Netflix, like The Wire.

Luckily, every character from a sci-fi cult favorite has an extensive Wikipedia entry, and I found Sebastian on the "List of minor characters in Battlestar Galatic (2004 TV Series)" wikipedia page. Even luckier, he played a minor character called Lt. Noel "Narcho" Allison, who, as wikipedia tells us, "is stubborn and full of bravado, scoffing at plans to use the Blackbird and bragging about his Cylon kill count, (which at the time was 48)."

So I think it's safe to go ahead and tell you how bad he is in this movie, in which he plays a straight male ballet teacher named Reed Halton. Reed is obsessed with one of his students (Erika), and gives her lots of private lessons where he says stuff like "Dance to me!!!" with a heaving chest. It's full of pretty much everything you'd expect from one of these movies: he murders Erika's former ballet instructor, sleeps with her mom (played by Daphne Zuing from The Sure Thing, Spaceballs, and the Hallmark Channel's Mail Order Bride), and stabs her boyfriend Trevor with a knife. (I, nor this commenter on The Obsession's message board on imdb, can remember if Trevor is ever mentioned in the movie again.)

Sebastian may have simply been limited by the script given to him, however, as his inner demons come lurching the the surface--sort of--in a scene where Spence sweats on cue. Reed is sitting on his bed watching some videos of Erika doing basic ballet moves that the movie tells us are the stuff of prodigies. Reed is clearly turned on/passionately obsessed, but because LMN is for ladies, we don't see him jerking off...or is it because Erika's lure is so powerful, he doesn't even need to? After watching the video, he lays back and puts his hands behind head, showing off his sweaty armpits. What dirtiness this represents I'll let you decide, but it's clear that Spence has an amazing talent.

If that doesn't convince you, fast-forward to the 3:55 mark below, when Reed, pissed that Erika keeps calling him Mr. Halton, yells YOUKNOWWHATMYNAMEISMYNAMEISREED!!

The rest of the movie follows its predestined course, with the only delightful surprise being the fact that the guy who ultimately shoots Reed is named Detective Mackey. Yes, like on The Shield. This could get confusing when I write The Obsession's wikipedia page.

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