Lies in Plain Sight

Though I had no idea what it was about, I was interested to see "Lies in Plain Sight Starring Rosie Perez." The shadowy, vague commercials that were hyped endlessly on the LMN contained the cryptic inquisition, "What happened to Eva? did she leave a note? did she say anything to you? did you have a fight? was she sick? why did you break up? was there someone else? what are you hiding? do you think this is a game? what happened to eva? what have you done?"

Unlike many Lifetime movies, the title was equally vague. And, I soon found, completely inaccurate. Because, see, the main character in this movie is BLIND. So NOTHING is in plain sight. And no one in her ambiguously Latino family is lying, they're just wondering why their daughter/sister/cousin/niece committed suicide (and maybe withholding some information).

I also discovered that almost all of the scenes in the trailer are from the last 30 minutes of the movie, and unfortunately, the first three-quarters of the film are pretty slow and almost boring. Sofia, the blind woman, tries to figure out why her cousin would commit suicide, and uncovers shocking secrets like she was about get an abortion, she wasn't impregnated by her ex-boyfriend (played by Chad Michael Murray of One Tree Hill fame), and didn't put out in high school. In the meantime, she's also busy being blind, whether her dead cousin's little sister is pointing out her eerily good sense of scent or she's falling down stairs. (Note to Lifetime: blind people can get down stairs pretty easily, and they DO point their faces toward you when you talk. They also probably don't need their canes to walk up the empty driveway of the house they grew up in.)

The ending of "Lies in Plain Sight" is pretty Lifetimealicious, though, and if you don't want me blowing the entire thing for you I suggest you stop reading now! (No, really, I'm about to tell you everything that happens.)

So...Sofia finally realizes that her uncle had been molesting her cousin, and he's no run-of-the-mill pedophile who stops molesting a child once she hits puberty. In spite of his diabetes, he went right on raping her well into her 20s while she continued to live at home and not say anything to her BFF cousin who she grew up with, like, hey, can I come live with you in Boston?

So anyway, Sofia decides she's going to confront her uncle, and luckily she thought to pack her bikini when she came for the funeral. She waits until it's dark and all spooky-looking, then goes over to her aunt and uncle's house and gets in their pool with her uncle while he's swimming laps. She tries to get him to make out with her, but he's not interested, because he only likes to molest his own offspring (even though he raised her!). Sofia then accosts him, saying, "I know what you did!" so he tries to drown her, but stops holding her under water when his other daughter comes out and asks what's going on. "Your cousin is crazy and tried to attack me for the second time today!" the dad says, and the girl is all, "leave our family alone!!"

Sofia could say, "But your dad is the one who was just holding me under water trying to drown me!" But instead she just coughs and never brings the incident up to anyone in the entire rest of the movie. Then she puts some clothes on and heads over to her dead cousin's ex-boyfriend's house, where she promptly sleeps with him. (In Lifetime movies it isn't considered creepy when you sleep with the boyfriend of your dead friend/relative. Don't ask me why, but it happens all the time.)

After sleeping with him, he mentions that the dead cousin told him, on the last day that her saw her, that Sofia would be showing up at his door one day. It's then that Sofia realizes...her cousin's suicide note must be under the ex-boyfriend's mattress! Because her cousin knew she would go looking there!

If you're saying, "uh, what?" right now, you are not alone. Why the cousin didn't just mail the suicide note to Sofia, or the boyfriend for that matter--or, I don't know, leave it out in the open where someone other than her parents would find it, is one of those Lifetime mysteries we're just going to have to live with. All I know is that if my dad were molesting me for over a decade, and threatened to molest my sister (so says the note), once I hit my 20s I'd call the cops and then move away from home and enroll in therapy, not not say anything to anyone, write it all down in a suicide note, then hide the suicide note under my ex-boyfriend's mattress because I figured my cousin would hook up with him after I was dead and find it. But moving on....

Sofia shows the note to her dad ("I already know what it says," she tells him when he asks her if she wants him to read it aloud--and I hope that's because she had the boyfriend read it to her, not because she just "knows" and isn't curious as to what it says), and they head over to the uncle's house to confront...the aunt. Luckily for us, Sofia's aunt is played by Rosie Perez, and she has a great freak-out moment where she slaps Sofia's dad (played by Benito Martinez from The Shield). But first, she burns the suicide note in the sink. Since Sofia is blind, and can't recognize the sound of a lighter or the smell of something burning, she doesn't react quickly enough to save the letter.

But it doesn't matter, because it turns out that Rosie Perez is out for revenge. She goes upstairs to give her husband his insulin shot, and immediately kills him with an overdose. Then she lays there with him, crying and telling him she loves him, and it's totally sad and creepy.

The next (and last) scene is, naturally, a graveside funeral where everyone's pretending that the guy wasn't a rapist who died mysteriously of an insulin overdose. It's kinda weird, but not as weird as the fact that the ex-boyfriend has brought along a bouquet of flowers that looks like he just bought them at a gas station. Still in the plastic, he lays them on the grave of the dead cousin, where they'll wilt in about 10 hours. I guess when you're dating a blind girl, it doesn't really matter. None of your lies are in plain sight.


  1. What's sad to me is this is 100% a rip off the Israeli film Out of Sight which was released in 2006 and was certainly shown in the 21st Israeli film festival, but on LifeTime's website there is absolutely no reference to the the original copyrighted and published work. I'm rather annoyed by this. Also, though I haven't watched it but your plot summary completely confirms where it was sourced from, sucks, because the Israeli was amazingly well done.
    I love plagiarism, really, I do.

  2. How can it be plagiarism when the same man "Noah Greenberg" is credited with the writing. Lies in Plain Sight is, quite simply, an English Language remake of Out of Sight. It's done all the time.

  3. Apparently CBHipps is unable to read, or merely likes to badmouth. The film's opening credits say "Based on the Israeli Feature Film 'Out of Sight' written by Noa Greenberg."


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